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Delivery terms

1. Delivery is carried out in an hour. In case of circumstances of force majeure or due to the great number of orders the time of delivery may be increased.

2. Your signature on a receipt means the absence of claims related to the look of food and to the order issue.

3. If you are dissatisfied with the weight or the taste of food you must call up to the cafe and ask for change (for the change is necessary to have not less than 70% of the portion).

4. The change can be carried out only if you get a product of a bad quality.

5. In case of absence of ability to give us some information you must keep a receipt and food that arouse your suspicion. The claim must be sent to zhaloba@avtosushi.ru. We answer to you during the day.

6. If your order wasn't delivered at once (your buzzer didn't work, or you were absent etc.) than the price of the second delivery will be 120 roubles.

7. The order can be made by the person of 14 years old (due to the art. 26 of the civil code of Russian Federation - capacity of underage of the age of 14 - 18 years old).

8. Delivery of the small rolls, gunkans and sushi can be carried out in one lunch box with several portions.

***The procedures of complains are complicated for us and for us to react quicker and as objectively as possible on your wishes/complains/claims we're asking you to treat our requirements with understanding.

Enjoy your meal!

Drinks aren't included in a cost of minimal amount of order for a free delivery.

In case of delivery of 400 roubles we deliver the order for free. If the amount of order is less than 400 roubles then the price for delivery may be up to 120 roubles or a missing amount to 400 roubles. For example if your order is 370 roubles then the delivery is 30 roubles.

Transport department opens at 11:00 that's why the first delivery is at 11:00.

Conditions of delivery in Uliyanovsk: delivery to the human settlements: Polivno, Laishevka, Archangelskoe, B.Kluchische, Dachny, Krotovka, Kolhozny - free delivery if the amount of order is 1000 roubles; delivery to the human settlements: Isheevka, Mirny, Arskoe, Novy Uren, Oktyabrsky, Otrada, Pogreby - free delivery if the amount of the order is 1200 roubles; delivery to the human settlement Cherdakly - free delivery if the amount of the order is 2000 roubles.


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