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Group of companies Autosushi was established in 22 September 2009 when the small cafe was opened in Nizhny Novgorod.

At that moment we have absolutely no ambitions, we just did what we liked and we liked what we did. That's why the group of companies "Autosushi" became one of the market leader in its area, protecting at the same time the most vital thing - love to people. For two years we were fighting for the right to be called as Autosushi and finally we won and was allowed to use the type of our institution in our name. That's the unique incident for Russian experience.

Type of our institution is the open kitchen, for everybody to have a look where and how his order is getting ready that's why none of our customers has doubt about the quality of our products.

Deeply entrenched in Nizhny Novgorod we made a decisive step to Penza and that's not what is called franchise, but the first cafe out of Nizhny Novgorod area.

For the next time we open cafes in Lipetsk, Vladimir, Tambov etc, moreover today we have our franchisee-friends in Zheleznogorodsk, Elets.

2015 was highly productive by its ideas and their realization, the new direction appeared - Autosushi Lite.

Now it's 2018, and we have 12 cafes in Nizhny Novgorod but it's not the limit.

During these 9 years there were some changing in the design of the cafe, in the structure of a cafe as a whole. Great amount of new projects was elaborated and launched. It's been 4 years since the loyalty system is active, this year we launches a new DOOGLYS software that simplified the work of our staff in cafes and our administration in control of tasks fullfillment. DOOGLYS is a new increasingly popular Russian IT project. Society for professionals and enthusiasts in area of public catering and for those who are interested in new technologies in the area of automatization of business. It's new approach to timeless questions.

Since 2009 cafe Autosushi "Japan" has developed in a huge, strong, federal, modern site - group of companies "Autosushi" consists of 90 cafes in Russia. Site which is ready to come forward again and again and to develop rapidly. And only one thing remains unchangable and even increased is the sense of responsibility to our clients, loyalty of our clients and our staff's need to be the best.


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